The Waging War

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Anti- Federalists

There were two types of political parties. The federalists and the anti- federalists, they each wanted something different. The anti- federalists however did not want a Constitution, they wanted the Articles of Confederation to just be amended. The Anti-Federalists were led by Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, etc. They believed there should not be an executive or judicial branch of government, they also believed that there should be a Bill of Rights. The Anti- Federalists believed that the greatest threat to America was that the government would gain more, and more power.


The federalists were the complete opposite of the Anti- Federalists. The federalists believed that there should be a new constitution and wanted three branches of government with checks and balances. The federalists were led by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. The federalists thought there was no need for for a Bill of Rights, and thought that the federal government should be more powerful than the state government.