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With the bus of beatles (a bucket list)

CuevA VentanA, PuertO RicO

Cueva Ventana, in Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. It overlooks a whole town and is a great place to go to if you love exploring nature. when the sun sets, you have to take it all in. seriously, amazing.
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DevetashkatA CavE, BulgariA.

if you love adventures, this is the NUMBER ONE place to go. Beautiful sights, and amazing overhead views. if you love being surrounded with beautifullness, GO HERE. this is also an amazing place to camp out, (especially when it starts to get dark)
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SelwaY CragS

if you have a love of getting out there, and exploring everything, this is a place for you. hiking and camping out at the very top provides a view you will never ever ever ever ever forget.
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HaraseU FallS, ArizonA.

truly amazing, and if you are experienced enough you can jump off the top of it. the colors will blow all the boringness out of your head. unforgettable, great place to go camping and hiking.
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OneontA GorgE, OregoN.

great place to go kayaking, and stop for a picnic. the water is just perfect for swimming, and if you love adventures GO HERE NOW!!!!
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OuteR SpacE

If you want to get out of the world (literally) space is probably one of the only places to go. Astronauts need lots of exercise everyday for at least two hours a day, or else there hearts and bodies will start to fail. Space is, truly amazing though.
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