Wireless Chargers


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1. Research an emerging technology and give a presentation on the following:

a. Describe technology and how it works. Most people hate using cord chargers because some chargers are short or the socket may be to far from where you are comfortable at. Wireless charger can charge your phone where ever you go. Install it on your phone and before your phone dies cut the app on immediately.

b. Describe what need this technology is fulfilling. You could be on the road with no car charger, but if you had a wireless charger, you wouldn't have any problems keeping your phone alive.

c. Describe how this technology can be used to help businesses. This could help businesses dramatically. This could save bad opinions on phone carrier chargers that break very easily.

d. Describe how this technology can be used to help humans. It can help people keep active with their phones.

e. Describe the safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view. When a phone dies, most people struggle to get their phone on car chargers. Wireless chargers can save people.

f. Your thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?) It could last forever. As long as it keeps updating with new things, it will be active in the future gaining new and more customers.

g. What is the cost of the technology? (Dollar amount, privacy, social cost, psychological, etc.) The charger will cost $14.99.