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Attention! Attention! Ban on Alcohol

The 18th Amendment

Big news, the ban on making and selling of alcohol has gone into effect. The 18th Amendment was passed today January 16th. Saloons are no longer aloud to stay open and if people are found with alcohol there will be severe consequences. 100,000 dollar AWARD if someone can tell the police where Al Capone is located and can be found. Bootleggers will be found and charged with serious consequences.

Gatsby’s Party comes to a Halt

Gatsby’s wild party life was about taken away from him on Friday due to the scandals and alcoholic beverages found at his extravagant party. Police went storming in looking for Mr. Gatsby, but only to find that nobody was quite sure who Mr. Gatsby was. According to bystanders there was something strange going on in the library.

They say that there was a lot of commotion and yelling around until the police came out shaking a young man's hand apologizing. The only other thing they said they noticed was the picture in the police's other hand.