Wake up Folks

Advice letter #1

Dear Dad, In school I have trouble ducking and covering.Just saying in our school it is very important to know how to do it.I might get in trouble if i dont know how.

I really need to know how to duck and cover.I would appreciate if you could tall me step by step how to do it. On a letter.

Please help Sincerely: Franny

Advice letter #2

Dear Franny,Don't worry about it i can give you very good advice. Fist when the ciren goes off you go in side the class room.

Then you bend down on your knees and then put your head down on the floor .Last you put you hands over your head and wait.



Smelly Lot Turns Into Paradise

Good morning we have some news.There is a lot on camber lane that was smelly and icky.Now it is paradise.What happened was there was a girl that wanted to plant golden rod.So she decided she wanted to clean up the lot.She went to the govenment office.The govenment office wouldn't listen until she made them smell that trash.Finally they agreed to clean up the lot and make it a garden.The next morning they got to work.First they started to pick up the trash.

Then they put new soil and covered up the old one.Sooner or later it was spic and spand. A couple days later people started to plant some plants like snap peas and eggplant,cucumbers,tomatoes,and lettace.I then relized that some people can't affored to get flower seeds and soil.So I opened a stand that sells soil and shovels,flower seeds,and gardening gloves.

Weeks later my stand had a grand opining soon people that could not affored items now can have those items.Now i know that I helped the city in a pretty darn good way.We saw a guy coming in a suit the next day with a metal in his hand and a briefcase.He told us that we won the most cooperated garden award.Right then and there i felt like a helper.

Picture caption: This picture above represents the lot before she cleaned up the lot and added more soil.

clean lot

caption:This is the lot that has been cleaned.

Your Invited

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 11am

4352 Rainbow Zinks

Come and have some snacks and play with us.We are going to play some games and some challanges.