where I think is Middle Earth is


Hawaii has many vast grass lands and many mountains. Hawaii has many of the same features as listed in the book for one the misty mountains which vary well looks like many of the mountains in Hawaii.


Hawaii has a vast culture which goes back so long ago the Hawaiian culture includes dances such as hula their moves express what Hawaii is. Their culture includes arts like kapa a distinctive craft which uses many fabrics and colors.


Hawaii has two main languages English and Hawaiian.They are the most often spoken languages but as more people come in to live in Hawaii they will end up having more divers languages.

Why Hawaii would be a good middle earth

Hawaii has many of the same features as listed in the story like the misty mountains Hawaii has a range of mountains that fit the description of the misty mountains. Forest Hawaii has many forest, hills and valley's that could be used to resemble the ones in the book.

counter claim

Hawaii would not be a good place to have for middle earth because it has very few mountains that would fit the description in the book. It has very few forest because they are being cut down.


Hawaii would be a great middle earth because it has alike features in the book so it would be perfect.