The Golden Compass

by Philip Pullman


A teenager named Lyra grew up at a college and was offered to go with an interesting woman to be her secretary. When she finds out who she really is she runs away and winds up with her old friends who are known as gyptians. After going to a town to figure out more about the woman and what she was doing they find an armored bear who the hire as a mercenary. Lyra helps the bear and he is dedicated to helping her. The gyptians travel more north with Lyra to shut down the evil woman's plans. Lyra finds another one of her old friends who's name is Joseph. She goes north to find her dad who is being kept prisoner by a colony of armored bears. The armored bear that befriended Lyra destroys the leader and becomes leader. They go find her dad who takes Joseph away, kills him in order to open up a portal then the next book begins.
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Basic Description

In an alternate time line around the early 20th century everyone has there own companion from birth known as a "daemon." They are animals with shape shifting capabilities and act as a conscience to there human companion. Lyra, who grows up in a college falls into a twisted turn of events discovering more about her parents, past, and how terrible the world is.
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