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Friday, October 31

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Don't forget to set your clocks BACK this weekend!!!!

1st Quarter Ends & 2nd Quarter Begins

Tuesday brought the end of the 1st Quarter. Quarter classes include Art, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Wellness, Math Lab, Reading Lab, and PACT. Students will be given their final 1st quarter grades on Tuesday. The other grades are in-progress and will be finalized at the end of the trimester November 21. An all-call will go out to parents Tuesday afternoon through School Messenger to remind of grades going home.

For 2nd Quarter most students will use the rotation below. Teachers went over 2nd Quarter schedules with students on Monday and Tuesday.

Art to Wellness

Wellness to Art

Computer Science to Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology to Computer Science

As always you can keep updated with your child's grades through Powerschool.

Dance Marathon

Friday, Nov. 7th, 3-5pm

Franklin Middle School Gym

For those unfamiliar with dance marathon as a charity fundraiser, this event is affiliated with the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon and the Children’s Miracle Network. Funds raised help support pediatric cancer patients at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Each year we are blessed to have numerous college students affiliated with Dance Marathon join us. In fact, some years we have had some of our very own Franklin alumni return to dance with us as U of I student dancers. It’s good fun for a good cause. We hope you can join us this year too! See below four ways our students can support this great event.

  1. Bring your change for the Money Mash during the week prior to the dance. All coins count toward a positive total for your home room. All checks or paper money count as negatives; these help bring down the totals of your competitors. So drop your coins in your home room basket and any paper money in the baskets of your closest competitors. High home rooms each day will win suckers, licorice, etc. Students in the high home room at the end of the week will receive a free slice of pizza at the dance.
  2. Donate baked goods for our bake sale or a 12 pack of pop for the dance. Our bake sale runs two days! Bring baked goods to room 206 before school and shop for goodies on Thursday, November 6th and Friday, November 7th during the lunch hours.
  3. Be a Spirit Dancer! These students collect donations totaling $25 or more and turn them into the office using an official pledge sheet. In return, they do not have to wait in the admission line for the dance, and they have the chance to win some great prizes. In fact, some lucky winners get to put a pie in the face of a beloved staff member!
  4. JUST COME TO THE DANCE and be a dancer for kids with cancer!!! You’ll get some great exercise, have a great time, and help out a great cause!

Financial Literacy Assembly

On Monday our 8th graders attended an assembly titled Crash Course: Learning About Earning. Put on by The National Theatre for Children our students learned about four topics:

  1. Wages minus deductions equals take home pay.
  2. Saving and investing involve different levels of risk.
  3. How credit and debit cards work.
  4. The importance of forming a savings habit.

We would like to thank Ms. Jones for organizing this assembly and The Iowa Insurance Division for sponsoring. Ms. Jones will be elaborating on this assembly with her curriculum in the spring. Be sure to follow-up with your 8th graders about their own financial awareness.

Check out the news coverage of the assembly by KCRG:

Creating Culture

Mix It Up @ Lunch

On Wednesday Franklin students took part of the national campaign titled "Mix It Up @ Lunch". The main point of this campaign is for students to meet and talk to students they either don't know or have had little conversation with. On their way into the cafeteria students were given a playing card that determined their seat location. Several staff members joined in on the fun and ate with the students to help facilitate conversation. To help with the sometimes challenging task of initiating conversation we provided the students with conversation starters. Ask your child how it went and if they met anyone new.

Check out the pictures below from Wednesday.

High-Five Friday

You may have heard your students talking about our official/unofficial celebratory day of the high-five. Students were encouraged to pick up from our Mix It Up Day by giving someone they may or may not know a high-five. Many students were greeted with a high-five as they entered school this morning. Teachers and students were also greeting one another throughout the day. We enjoyed the excitement the day brought and hope your child met someone new this week.

Important Weather & Safety Announcements

Dress Warm

A reminder to students, as the weather gets cooler you will want to make sure you are prepared to wait outside. Warmer clothes would include hats and gloves. Students will remain outside before school unless the temperature dips below 25 degrees. As you enter the building remember to remove your hats and hoods so you do not have to be reminded by a staff member. We want to make sure you are doing your PARRT and following the Franklin Building Expectations

Dropping Off and Picking Up

We've witnessed some close calls this year and in the past as students are dropped off and picked up. In order to keep our students safe we ask for your cooperation and make sure that you are parking on the same side of the street as the building. We do not want students crossing the street into traffic to get to the building or into their car. At dismissal we would also appreciate cars not being double or triple parked. This creates congestion along 20th Street. Talk to your child about an alternate location to be picked up to help alleviate the traffic issues we're seeing and to help get you out of here in a timely fashion and not having to battle the traffic. We appreciate your cooperation.