Class News 1/2B

Week 2 - Term 3

Welcome Ms Mcgregor

We will be welcoming Ms Mcgregor a 2nd year education student from Chares Sturt University to our class for the next 5 weeks.


This week children have a double sided maths sheet and a celebrations survey to complete. Spelling words can be written out twice in homework books.

Week 3

Just to let you know that I will be absent from school next week. Ms Annie McNamara will be replacing me for the week.

Premiers Sporting Challenge.

Hopefully you have been filling out the log book that was sent home last term. Please return the log book to school ASAP so I can upload the information.

Glue sticks

We have been doing lots of cutting and pasting of late and everyone is running low or have run out of glue sticks. It would be great if everyone could bring in their own glue stick as soon as possible.

Ipad upate

1/2B now have the use of 4 ipads in the classroom everyday. We will be using them in literacy and numeracy groups and creating projects to reflect understanding of the units we are looking at.