Hydro gutter

By will,Preston,Sam,Clement

What is it?

This is a gutter that when it rains it will turn the propeller that creates energy. We will need mesh wire to make sure no leaves get in, more than one propeller so there is more energy. Have big and small propellers so it will make more energy. Have more thane one so when rain comes it will make lots of wats. And don't make it your main energy sores.

Why it benifents.

This is benifical to are school or home because, it would help save the environment because, electricity runs on fossil fuels. If we keep using non renewable fossil fuels to create energy, we will run out. In 2014 the world used 82.4 million barrels of fossil fuels a day! The problem is increasing tremendously very day. If everyone could use this we could make a big impact on saving the environment.

How would this save money?

1 Foot of water in are system will produce 746 watts= 1 horse power. An average lightbulb takes 60 watts an hour. That's 13 lightbulbs an hour. It can pay it off and give you 12.44 extra watts. The black strong flexible wheel will cost 3.52 and the aluminum mesh strainer (filter)cost 2 dollars.


. Oil the propellers, Change filter every weak, Clean filter every day, Clean guitar, Clean filter, change propeller and mesh wire if needed, Clean mesh wire, Use really hot water to clean every thing.