The Road to the American Revolution


Congratulations!! You and a partner have been hired as researchers for the History Channel. Your job will be to find specific information for the events during the Revolutionary War that led to our country's freedom. This information needs to be written so that kids your age can understand what happened. The directors want this information in the form of a road map, instead of a timeline. They also want colorful pictures to attract the student's attention.

The Task-What Am I Supposed to Do?

You will be researching important events leading up to and during the Revolutionary War, taking notes, and clearly summarizing each event in two or three sentences, putting your final research into an illustrated road map. Please read through the entire directions before you begin.

RESEARCH: With a partner research the events on the Internet.

SUMMARIZE: Rewrite the information you find in two or three complete sentences. Make note of ideas for pictures you can use.

DESIGN: Design your road.

ADD INFORMATION: Fill in the road map in order and illustrate.

Battle of Moore’s Creek

Battle of Guilford Country Courthouse

Battle of King’s Mountain

Stamp Act

Boston Tea Party

Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Continental Congress

Declaration of Independence

Battle of Saratoga

Treaty of Paris