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Robotics Ends Until March

It has come that time when we have to say goodbye to our VexIQ kits. The students have loved designing their own toys, building a robot that runs remotely and using that robot to remove hazardous waste from a danger zone after a tsunami disaster. That would sum up our week with robots. There were smiles and laughs, sighs of frustration and even some tears. Overall, the groups felt success and pride in what they accomplished and I couldn't be more proud of their hard work and cooperation.

Reading Workshop

This week we have continued stopping and jotting where students have been stopping at points in Wonder to document what they are thinking. I taught the readers how to start taking one of their stop and jots and "write long" about it. We will continue to focus on responding to Wonder this week and then transfer those skills to their independent books.
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Writing Workshop

We started our unit of study on writing narratives this week. We focused on strategies for coming up with "small moments." Then writers chose a strategy and tried out an idea, by free writing about something on their list.

  • Strategy 1: Pick an important person and write down moments with them.
  • Strategy 2: Think of times in your life: first times, last times, good times, scary times, funny times, bad times, etc.
On Thursday, we practiced telling about times like a story instead of a summary.

Fall Festival

Saturday, Sep. 6th, 4pm

North Elementary School, Noblesville, IN, United States

Noblesville, IN

Mrs. Jones

This is my 17th year of teaching and I cannot wait to see all of the growth we make this year as we experiment with our iPads, read awesome books, write meaningful stories, and learn more about robots and U.S. history (and much much more).

I have a son named Ryan, who is in first grade and is full of excitement and adventure at all times of day. My husband, Nick is a police officer for the Marion County Sheriff's Office. We are very proud of our professions and both love what we do.