Legality of Same-Sex Marriage

Debates and Reasons for Americas Uncertainty

Background Information On Same Sex Marriage

People mainly fear gay marriage because they think that for gays to have equal rights, others would have to loose their rights. that Gay Marriage broke out all over the United States. In 1970 the fight for marriage licenses were denied. Homosexual couples demanded the right to marry. Then gay couples were denied marriage license. The couples that wanted to get married but legally could not were very upset and thought this to be extremely unfair. It is a problem between federal and state government, and some states do not agree with it because it is not constitutional. Gay couples want to get married and believe that they have a right to marry, but are very upset because they cannot.
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What's the Story?

People feared Gay Marriage mainly because they think that for gays to have equal rights, others would have to loose their rights.

Harvey Milk was a civil and human rights leader in the US. He became one of the first openly gay elected officials in the United States. On January 9th, 1978 Milk won San Fransisco City County Supervisor. "This was an important and symbolic victory for the LGBT community as well as a personal triumph for Milk. His election made national and international headlines." (The Harvey Milk Foundation).

Many death threats were sent to Milk because of all the rage about homosexuals.

On November 27th, 1978 Harvey Milk was assassinated by a man named Dan White. He was only given a mild sentence for Manslaughter. White's Attorney said that he had eaten to much junk food on the day of the crime, thus could not be accounted for it. He was sentenced to less that eight years in prison on May 21st, 1979. "Enraged citizens stormed City Hall and rows of police cars were set on fire. The city suffered property damage and police officers retaliated by raiding the Castro, vandalizing gay businesses and beating people on the street." (The Harvey Milk Foundation)

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The Crucible

The Crucible suggests the idea of Respect and Reputation. Reputation was a big part in Salem. It affected how people interacted with you, or if people even wanted to in the first place. Being accused of which craft, the way people used to think of you can instantly be out of mind. That reputation of yours would suddenly be non existent. John Proctor was known as a good man, and people respected him. Parris says to John, "What, are we Quakers? We are not Quakers here yet, Mister Proctor. And you may tell that to your followers!" (Miller, Act 1, Scene 1). This shows how people were supporting Proctor, and believed in his idea of the church. In Act 2 he was accused of working with the devil and that is when people changed their ways towards him. "You are the Devil’s man!" (Miller, Act 2 Scene 2).

"Mister Proctor. When the Devil came to you did you see Rebecca Nurse in his company? Come, man, take courage—did you ever see her with the Devil?" (Miller, Act 2 Scene 2). Now everybody thought less of Proctor because they all believed his association with the devil.

In The Crucible, John Proctor was a man accused of working with the devil. These two men have a lot in common. These two never gave up on the things that they yearned for the most. Proctor wanted to strip Salem of the witch trials, and to prove his and others innocence. Milk wanted to get the gay community equal rights. Both of these men wanted to save people from being prosecuted.

The Crucible/ Same Sex Marriage Parallels

Violence occurred in both events. In The Crucible many people who were accused of which craft or working with devil were killed. Especially when they did not give out other's names, or admit to which craft. Many people were hostile to the openly gay people. Many people could not come out because people were so cruel to them, and many were shunned. Religious Victimization was a big part at both events. People thought that being gay was a sin and that there should be no homosexuals. Many believed that people who were gay were going to "hell". The Crucible shows how people used Christianity, and God to justify the deaths of many people. Hope was a big motive for Proctor and Milk. It was the only thing that kept them from giving up. Inclination was shown throughout both events. Both Proctor and Milk desired something that would change many people's lives, and save them from prosecution. I would say that Fear was the biggest threat to everyone in these to events. Fear is what cause Abigail and the girls to lie, and accuse innocent people. Fear is what cause Proctor to confess about his affair, and fear was what killed many innocent people. Fear of the devil, and fear of witchcraft. With homosexuals people's fear came from religion, and the lose of rights. For gays, the fear comes from the unaccepting society. Both people in the Crucible, and in The gay society have to be proved that their not doing anything wrong, and that the people are just paranoid.

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