Internet Safety for Parents

Do you know a lot about the websites you are using?

Internet Safty

Do you know a lot about the sites you are on or what sites your kids are on? If not then here are some helpful tips to use when you are on the internet. When online always use a smart password so nobody can figure it out. Make sure you remember your passwords and write it down, but make sure you put it in a safe place. Also remember your children's password or write down theirs too. When you make your password use something unique. Don't use the same password for everything. Sometimes even change your password once and awhile. Always try to use capital letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. Maybe even help your children out with their password so it's secure. When your kids are on the internet try to keep a close eye on them, so you know what they are doing. Yes, they may think you are snooping on their information, but tell them that you just want to keep them safe. When you post something on the internet it's not yours anymore it's anybody's that is also on the internet, so keep it safe.
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These are some of the sites you and your kids may be on so keep yourself and your children safe.