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Eddie Rhodes

what has happened since Nike made a risk

Nike was asked by Michael Jordan if he could have his own shoe. They gave the rookie a chance, and they launched in 1985. The shoes were a big hit and Nike was glad they ventured out and made the risk. In 1986 they came out with the second shoe. They kept making shoes until the 23rd shoe in 2008. They were going to stop on that number because that was his basketball number. The shoe included his greatest achievements on the sole, his DNA pattern on the outside, and his fingerprint on the tongue of the shoe. they continued to make more shoes because they still were a hit. He retired in 2004 when he released the 18th shoe. They thought or sure that was the last shoe but they have been releasing shoes ever since.

bulls vs cavaliers

On may 15, the Bulls played against the cavaliers in a intense game. The bulls played their hardest to win but the Cav's persevered and won with a score of 94-73. The audience was on they edge of their seat throughout the ruthless game. Jimmy butler (Chicago) scored the most in the game with 20 points. The Cav's continued into the final four. The Bulls were infuriated especially since they worked so hard. They are ready for next season, training even harder, and wont accept this adversity if it happens again.

Micheal Jordan Teams Up With The Looney Toons

The famous basketball player Michael Jordan and the American cartoon "the Loones Toons" ,decided to team up. When they teamed up they made a movie call "Space Jam". People loved it and caused them to want to do more with it. Since Michael has his own brand of shoes along with clothing they decided to do something with that. Years later they came out with a series, called the hare collection. In the series there are new shoes, hats, socks, backpacks, shirts, and shorts.

Rudy's perseverance

When Rudy was a child he always wanted to be a great football player. But there was a problem, he was shorter then the kids he was playing against so he had a hard time tackling them. He was also getting bad grades in school because he was dyslexic. Later in his life he still wanted to be a great football player but on a larger scale, on the Notre Dame team. Since he didn't have good grades he wasn't accepted in the school, therefore he wasn't able to be on the team. He entered another school to get his grades up to hopefully become a player on the team. He worked for his goal as hard as he can and got to be on the team.