Monika Sythor

Self Project

Beginning Intro

My name is Monika and i'm 12 years old. My birthday is on June 18 and I was born in Chicago, IL. My parents are from a small country in Southeast Asia call Cambodia, which is located between Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. My old school that I used to go to is name Wildwood and is located in Edgebrook, Chicago. When I grow up, my dream job is to become a graphic designer or maybe a sketch artist or any kind of job that would relate to art.


Most times when I’m at home, I become very energetic and weird. 6th grade was when I act the most hyper because that was when me and my friends were all together and we would always be goofing around together during recess and during class time quietly, when we sit next to each other. Luckily, we never get caught by our teacher. But most times when I’m in public or during school and there's no one who I feel comfortable with, I’m mostly quiet, and half of the time, I’m also moody.


My favorite hobby is to sketch, doodle, or draw fanart, because I'm either bored, stressed out, or I came up with an idea of what to draw.

My other hobby is to read books and manga that are mostly in the genre of horror, fantasy, non- fiction, myth, and more.

Favorite Book/Comic Series

- Warriors

- Nancy Drew

- Gilda Joyce

- Bones (comic)

- Archie (comics)

Things I'm not good at

I am not good at playing sports, communicating with other people who I'm not familiar with, math, reacting to surprises, and keeping eye contact.


My fears are:

- Heights

- The dark

- Clowns

- Bugs

- Roller Coasters

Zodiac/Horoscope Signs

Since I was born in June, 2003, my Chinese zodiac sign is a Goat.

Meanwhile my horoscope sign is a Gemini

  • Weaknesses
    indecisive, timid, vain, pessimistic, moody, weak-willed
  • Strengths
    gentle, softhearted, considerate,hardworking, persistent, thrift

What I like

-Bubble Tea








-Going on social media


-Dragon Fruit


What I don't like

-My brother


-Talking with people (except friends and family)

-Being upstairs at home alone

-Having to be a risk taker