Hiding during the Holocaust

These times were hard

Sarah (Sheila) Peretz

These time were terrible, little Sarah had to live in multiple different places starting only when she was 3 years old! She had to hide in a ghetto, a potato storage bunker, and even a chicken coop. There was a guy taking care of them that would bring them a loaf of bread and water each day, unless it was an occasion he would bring them soup. When the guy was out of town they sometimes would starve until he got back, or the mother would go out in search of a little bit, but Sarah never went out she was always to scared.

Nothing to do

The only thinh Sarah could do was talk to her mother, and try to make things out of the little pieces of straw at the bottom of the chicken coop, she was always bored. She had to live like this for 2 years hiding.


After the War

After the War Sarah was finally able to come out of hiding, and she migrated from Europle, first to Israel in 1947 and then to the United States in 1963.

".. and when he went out of town on buisnisses his wife and daughter would not give us anything we would have to starve until he came back..."