Slavery in the United States

By: Michael


Slaves are Africans that were brought on boats to America and then bought as slaves. Slavery lasted for about 200 years. Mainly only the south had slaves. The slaves harvested all of the crops. Cotton was the main crop harvested because of the good selling and for clothing. Slave families weren't owned by the same owners. Moët slavery was put to an end because of the civil war in the 1800's.

Underground Railroad/ Harriet Tubman

Harriet t Tubman came on one day and saved slaves with the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a passage that Harriet Tubman took slaves through to get them to some friends houses to be freed. Harriet Tubman freed 300 slaves with 19 trips. None of the slaves were captured. If you were to captured Harriet Tubman you would get 40,000 dollars. During the civil war Harriet Tubman work as a cook, a nurse, and a spy.


The slaves were singing songs about plans to escape and freedom. The purpose of these songs were to give hope that they would be free. The drinking gourd and go down Moses were to of the main songs. These songs were both about being free.