World History Chapter 1

The rise of humans by:Alyssa Marmion (Betten)

Tools of the Craft

Why do archaeologist use trowel's instead of shovels? Archaeologist use trowels instead of shovels because trowels are used to remove a small amount of dirt and if they would use big shovels they would break or destroy the artifacts.Artifacts come in different sizes and shapes.Six of them are tools,art,sculptures,written records,pottery and fossils.Did you know written records are so valuable because it shows the ancient peoples feelings and how their life was.Archaeologist must deal with the climate at a site sometimes they have to work in heat or rain.A good dig site is usually close to water but not near an ocean because the salt water because you cant drink salt water it is bad for you .It is good that other scientist study artifacts as well because dirt can fall through and you can find artifacts and treasure.Artifacts are usually the remains from the past.A climate means weather conditions in an area for a long period of time.A culture refers to the shared characteristics of a group of people.Also, a civilization is the stage of human social development that is considered most advanced.
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Archaeologist as detectives

The modern archaeologist look for all material remains of ancient civilization.On the other hand,early archaeologist were only focused on the valuable items.Sometimes discoveries happen on accident.Not all discoveries happen by archaeologist .For example, their was 2 teenagers chasing their dog and their dog ran into a cave so they went to go get the dog.After that,they found an old painting.
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early homininis

Lucy is an Australopithecus.Archaeologist have a theory that lucy was the first ape to walk up on two feet,that is called Bipedal.Lucy got her Name because an archaeologist was trying to figure out what to call her and while he was trying to name her he was listening to the song Lucy in the sky by the Beatles.Homo Habilis is the first one to discover tools and the homo habilis lived 2 million to 1.5 million years ago. Homo Habilis had a bigger brain then Lucy.homo erectus was a runner.Homo erectus migrated out of Africa and Homo Habilis was the first one to discover fire. The cooking affects Homo Erectus's brain because it gives tissue to his brain.Homo Sapien are modern humans also called "wise man".Early Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa too.They migrated out of Africa because there was an ice age and the savanna sucked up all the water so Africa turned into a desert.Also,all of the animals left and they had nothing to hunt for.
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