Young Quakers TCA

Young Quakers Need Equipment, by Connor Eustice, 5S

Young Quakers is a non-profit organization that teaches inner-city kids in 4th to 8th grades how to play lacrosse and other life skills. They did not have enough money to get lacrosse gear for all their players on all their teams, so I decided to help. For more information go to:

How I Acted

I contacted the head of the Young Quakers to see what they needed. They needed equipment especially sticks and cleats or sneakers. I contacted my coaches who had lots of connections with gear making companies like Nike, Under Armour, Brine and Warrior.
I spent time emailing, calling and meeting with people to help me with my project. Then, all of my friends, coaches and other people, started donating slightly used or new lacrosse gear. I also planned a lacrosse skills clinic at Shipley where people can donate gear to play in the clinic. I had 20 kids and six coaches attend and coach the clinic. I had some of the greatest lacrosse players ever to coach at the clinic. The count for all the gear I gathered for this project is: Boys' Helmets 9 | Elbow Pads 13 Pairs | Gloves 21 Pairs | Cleats/Shoes 37 Pairs | Chest Protectors 15 | Rib Protectors 2 | Goalie Chest Pad 1 | Girls' Heads 3 | Girls' Sticks 3 | Shafts 1 | Boys' Sticks 26 | Boys' Heads 2. Total: 133 items.
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