Athens, city of the Violet Crown!

The Superior City-State

Athens is the Sophisticated City

In Athens, you will immediately notice that the atmosphere is different. Athens is also much easier on the eyes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that you aren't forced to fight constantly and can instead enjoy the beautiful architecture. Put your life towards learning and growing instead of putting your life into wielding a sword and being a rowdy barbarian. Come and join us!

The Highlights of Living in Athens

Us Athenians are known as the master builder and architects. Our artistic talents in the fields of sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and architectural designs excel past any other city-state. Have you heard of the Parthenon? Or the Theater of Dionysus? In Athens, you will have access to many recreational sites, transportation and homes, education, and a way of government that is different from all else. The benefits of living here in Athens never stop, so help yourself by joining our beautiful society.

Athens is Definitely a Pleasing Sight for Sore Eyes

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Government and Social Statuses

  • In Athens, we have a democracy, which means the people rule the society. About every 10 days, we meet together to discuss the new laws that us; the people; can establish. Also, we think that it is very important that everyone participates in the government so that the most amount of people can be happy in where they are living.
  • For our social status, citizens are at the top of the pyramid. Own land, and you're set. We have assistants that aid us in our work, agriculture, and many other things so that you do not have to invest your time in doing little things, and can spend more time learning and other things that are more important to you.
  • We strive to be the best that we can be. We also believe that as long as you have done no harm to our society that you are free to chose what you want to do. The base of our society is to excel in the things we do and to improve. You will be important because you are the one who owns the government.

Education, Comparing & Contrasting

Everyone, even those in Sparta can tell you that education in Athens is the best of the best. Why? We an excellent reputation for a good reason. Let's explore why Athens has the best education system in Greece.

  • Women learned everything that they needed to learn at home from their mothers, and men learned politics, literature, music, art, and learned how to give persuasive speech. Let's remember that in Sparta, all you will learn how to do is be a soldier and say "Argg!" at everything.
  • We also teach the students math and science. Our students graduate from all schooling after the age of 20, and will be able to chose from a wide variety of jobs such as: government worker, farmer and fisherman, teacher, craftsmen, and so many other jobs that will help us help you. In Athens, we produce more intelligent human beings.
  • We also have a Navy, so you can live in peace. Us Athenians are very peaceful people. If you wish, you may work in the Navy if you have an interest in helping us and learning more about the ocean.

The Ceaseless Cons of Living in Sparta

  • Arg! Bleh! In school in Sparta, all you do is learn how to be a soldier. Your children will be killed if they are weak. Learning is not much of a concern, because Spartans only care about war. Very little art comes from Sparta; in general, it is not a good sight. War-filled people. Brains over brawn, always.

  • In Sparta, you do not have the same power as people here in Athens have. In Sparta, there are kings. Wealthy aristocrats had the power, and if you did not have that much money, tough luck. Oh, and if you could not fight, you were inferior to society.

  • Spartan boys entered military school starting at 6 years old. The young boys are often hungry. Your children will be taught to steal, and will be beat if they are caught. All your children get is a cloth as clothing. Do you want your children to grow up like this? And yes, even the girls grew up this way. Do you want your children to spend their life getting numb from pain?

Living in Athens: Miscellaneous Benefits


  • Boats will transport all of the trade items that you can wish, and quite quickly. Boats leave every so often, so be at the port when you wish to have something delivered by sea!
  • Chariots driven by horses will be a quick form of transportation that will be available in Athens. Fancy!

-The Theater of Dionysia is a large recreational site that is located in Athens. We have an annual festival to honor the gods. At the Theater, us Athenians watch plays performed by popular poets.
-The schedule would usually be three comedies/tragedies and then a a satyr farce, or a play that consists of a subject and a chorus of satyrs. In the play, the actors wear masks and detailed costumes.

-The Olympics are a big part of our society, and we like to take part in them. These are some of the events that we can participate in:

  • Equestrian Events (Horse related events such as Chariot Racing)
  • Discus, Javelin, Jumping, Running
  • Boxing & Wrestling


Our homes are very nice. They are located around an outdoor courtyard. The different rooms consist of bedrooms, workrooms, an andron room(entertainment room). There are also gynaikon rooms which are used only by the women. Our houses are designed to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Come join Athens! We have many things to offer, and are advanced in our education, architecture, and beauty. We have many highlights to offer to you, and many other activities for you to enjoy. Let yourself learn and grow, and don't waste your precious time anywhere else that does not deserve it.

"Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity." - Aristotle

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Social Studies Project

By: Sophia Yun