Romeo & Julet: Act 2.2

John Lundin

Act 2.2 Summary

Scene 2 takes place in Capulets Orchard. Romeo enters the scene stating that his friends jest at him for something they don't understand. Suddenly Juliet appears in the window above. While he is looking at her, Romeo starts speaking about how beautiful she is. Then Juliet, not knowing Romeo is secretly listening to her, begins to go on about the situation of Romeo being a Montague and herself being a Capulet. After listening Romeo reveals himself and tells her that he loves her. Juliet felt embarrassed that Romeo was listening to her true feelings about him but later feels comfortable with him knowing he also loves her. When Romeo was hearing Juliet talking about his name and asking why does he have to have that name (pretty much saying why does he have to be a Montague), he tells her he will forget that name and leave his family for her. Juliet also said before that if he wouldn't leave his family, she will leave hers just to be able to be with and love him. This scene is a very important scene because of how Romeo and Juliet agree on marriage. The scene also ends with the nurse calling Juliet back into the house.

List of Key Characters in Scene

This song is called "Cinderella Rockefella" by Esther & Abi Ofarim. I chose this song because the lyrics go well with the romantic balcony scene. The lyrics are said by two people that are both saying that they love each other and what they love about each other. "I love your touch..... I love your eyes..... I love your face".

Visual Representation of the Action of The Scene

Visual Representation shows both lovers, Romeo and Juliet, in action of the balcony scene
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