Kingdoms of Africa

Arturo Chavez

The Kingdom of Ghana

Location- it was located in the upper Niger River valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the Western African coast.

Government-this kingdom had kings who were strong rulers who governed without any laws.

Economy-most of the people were farmers, but Ghana prospered because of its abundant supply of iron ore and gold.

Collapse-this kingdom was weakened by wars and collapsed during the 1100s.

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The Kingdom of Mali

Location-this kingdom was located on the Atlantic coast, but it extends far inland to the famous city of Timbuktu.

Government-this kingdom had a strong government, the rulers were both religious and administrative leaders.

Economy-most people here were farmers. They grew grains, millet, and rice. They lived in villages with local rulers.

Collapse-by 1359 civil war divided this kingdom.

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The Kingdom of Songhai

Location-this kingdom was located along the Niger River south of the bend.

Government-this kingdom had a ruler named Kossi.

Economy-this was a big empire that extended a lot, people were farmers.

Collapse-near the end of the sixteenth century the forces of sultan of morocco occupied much of Songhai. Climate change destroyed this kingdom.

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