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an Oily enJoyMint Team Challenge

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I have an action plan, now what??

So, you read the ideas for boosting your OGV to 500 and reaching Star this month. You picked an idea or two that really jumped out to you and wrote it down as part of your action plan. Now what!?? Who are you going to reach out to and what are you supposed to say to them when you do reach out??

Creating your list

The one thing that is crucial to growing your business and reaching that first rank of Star is People!!!! You have to connect with people, talk with them, and share your love for these products. If you don't, your OGV will consist of your purchase alone and you will stay stagnant! Stagnant is great for....I'm drawing a blank here. We should Not be stagnant! We should be constantly learning, growing and stretching ourselves to achieve our dreams and accomplish our goals.

So the first step is identifying people that you can reach out to on this journey and share your love of Young Living with them. This list will be the crucial first step in your success and it will not remain stagnant! It will be an ever growing and changing list!

Alright, let's get down to the nitty gritty and create your list! Grab a piece of paper and a pen or open you computer to a word document, excel spreadsheet or whatever it is that you want to use for your list!

Start writing! Write down anyone who comes to mind regardless of whether you think they would be interested or not. Write them down. It's easy to start with family and close friends to get your brainstorm juices working. From there, stretch yourself, think about people you work with, your neighbors, people in your church, mom's groups, book clubs. What about your hair stylist, your regular barista at the coffee shop, or that woman you always see at the grocery store but never actually talked to.

Are you starting to stall on that list? Head to your Facebook profile and start adding the names of those high school friends you haven't talked to in years, but you still "like" their posts! Check out the groups you're in and add people that you interact with in those groups!

Your goal should be to have at least 100 names written down. It may seem like a lot, but you know more people than you think! How many names did you come up with??

This is a marathon, not a sprint, but....

As we work with our lists, it's always good to remember, that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We want to constantly be adding to our lists as we meet new people, and we want to pace when we reach out to people on our lists so that we don't exhaust all of our contacts in one or two days. BUT, this is a quest to reach Star and to lay the foundation for growing even further so we are going to push hard in this first stretch of our marathon!

Once you have your list, put a Star (get it - haha I crack myself up!) next to 40 people. These 40 people should be ones that you feel confident talking to, or at least okay reaching out to. If you really want to challenge yourself, add one or two people that make you nervous to reach out to! You should have 60 people without stars if you came up with your 100 names, so you aren't exhausting all of your potential contacts with this push!

Over the next four days, take 10 people from the 40 you put a star next to and reach out to them about Young Living! I like to keep my list in excel so I can make columns for the date I reached out to them, how I reached out to them (e-mail, Facebook, text, phone call) and what the result was.

After the first four days, we'll jump back to pacing for our marathon and work on reaching out to at least two people from our list each day! If you never added another person to your list, using this method will allow you to reach out to people for over a month!


Although I keep a master list in excel, I am a pen and paper kind of girl. I love the visual of having something in front of me, showing the effort I've put in and what that effort has yielded! So, I rely on monthly trackers - like the one below - to ensure I'm reaching my goals of contacting at least two people a day! Reaching out to two people a day, five days a week means you've touched 10 people in a week!

In the network marketing world, we know we can expect to reach out to 10 people before we year that desired "YES!", that's why I reach for at least 10 people a week! You can always do more, too! If you follow training tips from Sarah Robbins, "Rock your Network Marketing Business" book, she recommends 5 people a day. So, find your groove and what fits into your life and schedule and be consistent with it! Just like using your oils, consistency is key!
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The idea of this tracker is to reach out to 2 people every day. By doing this, it should yield at least two new members and 4 classes scheduled! Use this to write down the names of the people you reach out to over the first four days...yes that means you will fill up an entire tracker in 4 days, so print 2 of them!

Head over to the Oily enJoyMint Business Builders page and share your tracker in the Holiday Tracker post!! This tracker is also saved in the files section of that group!

What do I say??

Need some tips on what to say to people as you reach out to them? My best advice is to be genuine and share from the heart! Below are some ideas, but don't just copy and paste it! Make it your own, make it you!

"Hi, Sally! Thanks for liking my post about Lavender oil the other day! I'm so excited to be adding essential oils into my life and I love what they've already done for me in such a short period of time! I'd love to share with you some information about essential oils! Would you be interested in getting a few friends together for a quick overview of what essential oils are and how they can benefit each of us? I'll bring over some of my favorites for everyone to smell and try, too! I can't wait to get together with you!"

"Hi Sally! I've had so much fun making different bath and body products with my essential oils and realized they would be the perfect Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for friends and family! Would you want to get together with a few friends and make some fun Christmas gifts while learning about essential oils? I'm thinking things like bath salts, sugar scrubs, and moisturizers! Guests would just pay for the supplies (usually a few dollars for each gift) and they could take their gifts home with them that day! A fun way to spoil our friends without breaking the bank!"

"Hi Sally! Thanks for sharing your interest in essential oils with me! I've been learning about all the different uses for them since I received my Premium Starter Kit! I can't believe how much came with it - so many oils to learn about and use! I know you've been thinking about getting the kit for yourself and I'd love to help you with your order so you can have your oils in time for the holidays! What a great way to be ready for those health goals in the new year, too! We can learn about all the ways to use them together! I'm free this week to chat - let me know a good time to give you a call and walk you through the ordering process!"

"Hi Sally! Thanks for sharing your interest in essential oils with me! I know you've been interested in learning more about them and trying them out! Since December is all about giving, I am extending my wholesale discount to a few friends this month and would love to include you! If there are any oils or products that you'd love to try, I'll give you my wholesale rate so you can try them at a discount this month! Maybe a bottle of Joy or Peace & Calming for the holidays?? Just let me know by Friday, so I can add your items to my order! As soon as they arrive I'll get them over to you!"

"Hi Sally! Thanks for sharing your interest in essential oils with me! I know you've been interested in learning more about them and trying them out! My order is going to arrive on Friday and I'd love to have you over to check out what I received this month! We can open the oils and I can share a little information with out about the oil and why I wanted to try it! I'm so excited to open my box when it arrives, but I'll wait for you so we can open it together! Let me know what time you can be at my house!! We'll have a little sip and sniff know sipping some tea and sniffing some oils! haha :)"

One last tip

When you're reaching out to people, consider approaching them from the perspective of asking for a favor.

"Hi Sally! I recently started using Young Living essential oils and have loved the benefits I'm seeing in my life! I have a goal for myself to teach other people about Young Living and essential oils, but I've never done this before so I'm a little nervous. Would you be willing to be my guinea pig so I can practice what I'd like to cover in my class?? I'd love your feedback on what you loved or what you would have liked to know so I can really provide a great class for people! It will only take about an hour of your time and I'd really appreciate it! Let me know and thanks so much for your help!"

Sometimes people aren't interested in hosting a class themselves, but would be willing to help out a friend! Practice your class one on one with someone - you never know who it will spark interest in!

Ready, Set, Go!