An Interview With Coach Mueller

By : Brittney Merino

Coach Mueller's Career

Coach Mueller is a teacher who teaches the 10,11 and 12th grades at Elgin High School.Coach Mueller has a Bachelors Science degree in mathematics which he obtained in going to Howard Pane University for four years.Coach Mueller enjoys coaching football , teaching math models and algebra 2.

Coach Mueller's classroom environment is very awake,alert,cold and loud.He does at least 90 hours a week with coaching and teaching together.Some strategies that Coach Mueller uses are he allows the kids to work in groups and use their I Pads to compare their answers to see what is different. Some teaching rolls that Coach Mueller plays in his classroom are being open to life experiences and helping the students with their work.

Some of the things I saw coach Mueller do in my interview was writing someone a pass to the restroom or telling someone to go to the office because the student was called. The biggest reward from teaching that coach Mueller has received for himself was watching the emotions on a kids face when they grasped the idea and finally got the concept.

Coach Mueller voiced that self motivation needed in this job is about an 8 with 10 being the highest. This is coach Muellers fourteenth year of teaching at Elgin High School.Coach Mueller announced "I'm very excited and enthusiastic about teaching the youth this year".

Coach Muellers Expectations and Classroom Environment

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Proud

Be Awake

No Phones in class nor headphones

It's Cold in class so bring a jacket