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Library Media Center Updates for Teachers

Update on Checkout Procedures/BONUS checkout times

Now that we are a few weeks into checkouts...I wanted to update a couple of things:

1) Students in Grades 3-5 will now be able to choose 3 books. Each grade does things a little different, but the idea is that a book can be kept at school and two can be brought home. This will work well when you are working on a topic in your classroom and you want them to choose at least one specific book, then they can still make two other choices if they want.

2) Students in Grades K-2 will still get 2 books. 2nd graders will slowly be allowed to check 1 book from anywhere, and 1 from the "Everybody" section. I'm working on a letter to send home to parents for those 2nd graders who are reading at higher levels and are choosing more advanced books. It's tricky because although they can read at higher levels, the content in the books might not appropriate for their age. Hopefully together we can determine what will be a good fit book for that student (reading level and content).

3) Please continue to stay with your class during their checkout time. Not only are there times when Becky is not available to be in here, but you are a tremendous resource for them during the selection process. Sitting and reading with the kids or looking through the shelves with them is awesome! I have had many of you make a positive impact on your students during checkout already and it is so cool to see! If you need to run to the restroom or need a couple minutes to get something ready in the classroom, that's totally fine. As we settle into the year a bit more, it will be your call if you'd like to stay, but I'm hoping that you enjoy checkout time with your class and want to be there!

BONUS Checkout times!

Students can come down from 8:10-8:50 or from 2:00-2:40. Myself or Becky should be here to help, but if it happens to be the two days (3,6) I have class right at 8:20 and Becky is out delivering carts...they may have to come back at the end of the day. Not that students cannot come down at other times, but we may not be available to help at all times. I will communicate this with the students as well.