Uncle Tom's Cabin

By: Daniya Sheikh and Brandon Ta


During the 1850's cultural society, despite the predominant idea that blacks are just considered property of the whites, abolitionist ideas such as those displayed in Uncle Tom's Cabin changed the social thinking of the time.

Brandon's Individual Questions

1) In these pictures, it is subtly conveyed that Blacks did not completely have an inferior position in society. Despite the thought that they were just complete slaves to white culture, some depictions show that their lives were not completely terrible and that they held integral parts to the lives of some white families.

2) It's surprising how the blacks were so generously depicted, as the common thought of the time was the superiority of white men, which would imply that the blacks would have been depicted as lowly. In these pictures, some of them show the blacks as very respected.

Daniya's Individual Questions

1) The subtle ideas conveyed in this time period were that the idea of the Blacks had changes over timer. From having a low stance in society, especially being considered as property, the blacks now aren't being depicted in this way. Overtime blacks are being depicted as having respect from white people, and interacting with each other in a more subtle and respectable way.

2) It's surprising how the blacks are not being depicted in a respectable way, especially in the book cover with the white child putting a flower type necklace on Uncle Tom. This symbolizes peace and this was surprising because previous paintings were depicted as showing a low position of blacks in society but this book cover didn't.