Sociological Imagination

Rape on campus

Rape on campus article

I began to read the article on rolling stone about rape on campus at UVA. In the article, Jackie claims that she went to a party her freshman year if college and was brutally assaulted. One night Jackie decided to go to a party at a frat house. She filled her cup with spiked punch and would dump it out to impress her date drew, a handsome phi kappa psi brother. He the. Proceeded to invite her into a room upstairs where it was "quieter". When Jackie stepped into the room she described it as being dark and she heard other people in the room. She was then pinned down and raped by 7 different men. After the incident she left the house and called friends to come pick her up. She told them what happened and they decided it would be best not to tell the police because it may ruin her reputation.

Patriarchy and underage drinking

Men have more power than women. This girl was raped by 7 men and felt the need to keep it undercover so that her and other peoples reputation wouldn't be ruined. Women's suffrage pretty much ended around the 1920's yet in some ways it still exists. The girl had so much fear of what would happen if she told so she didn't for awhile and was forced to live with that. Parties begin to occur before college in high school. Some are appropriate with some music and dancing while others consist of drugs, alcohol, and sex. When people do these things they begin to do other things they shouldn't be doing and head down the wrong path. I don't believe underage drinking will ever be solved and kids are always going to do it but it's usually what ends up leading them in the wrong direction.

Young pregnancies

These kids are in college so most are 19 and older but having a child at that age is still not exactly fun. When a girl is raped she has a huge chance of getting pregnant, and to give birth to your rapists child is not fair at all. These young girls don't usually become pregnant by choice but they are left with the responsibility of raising a child.