British Spies vs. Minutewomen?

Prudence Wright Leads the Fight!


The time is currently early in the Revolutionary War, just at the battles of Lexington and Concord. In fact, this is what made Prudence Wright take action, and fulfill her rebel spirit.


Just because Prudence was a woman, didn't mean to her that she couldn't fight on the front lines! And so, with a little preperation, Prudence had an army fit to fight a king! Even when all the men were away to fight in the Revolutionary War?


As mentioned before, Prudence Wright took action during the first shots of the Revolutionary War. Prudence lived in a town known as Groton, New Hampshire, very near Concord and Lexington. In fact, the men of her town went to help in the battles of Lexington and Concord. Since all the men were gone, she predicted that British spies would come for easy information, and she was not going to give it to them.


Prudence Wright was so motivated to stop the British that she even had guards at night to watch for incoming enemies. On one occasion she gathered a group of women and they dressed as men, armed themselves with whatever they could find, and stole some important information from the British at Covered Bridge.
Prudence Wright stopping a British spy.


  1. Prudence Wright defended the town of Groton
  2. She recovered some information from the British
  3. She was always ready for British spies, and had several run ins with the spies
  4. She was smart enough to fool the British into thinking she was a man

Made by:

CJ Schechinger, Nic Auen, and Lexie Holloway


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