By: Austin Jordan

Physiological needs

This Vitamin Water add shows that you need your daily vitamins and that they can provide that for you.

Safety needs

This ad for security system shows safety by showing that there security system will protect and warn you of an intruder.

Social needs

This ad for Pepsi shows that you can have a social life, all you need is a Pepsi and friends.

Esteem needs

This ad shows that these girls in the picture don't need fancy clothes or make-up to feel beautiful. They just believe they are.

Self-Actualization needs

This ad shows a double amputee running with his special legs made for him so he can run faster than a speeding bullet.


This ad is stereotypical because it shows that women should be working only in households.


This ad shows that you should be happy with yourself not what society or anybody says about you.


This idealistic because of the perfect life scenario that is displayed in the picture.

Social Status

This is like a public service announcement because society wants you to believe everything is okay but in reality its not okay.

Standard of Living

Society wants you to think only white man can have the highest standard of living. But other ethnicity's can be in upper class.