Do You Know About Dinosaurs?

by Gabrielle Rice


Dinosaurs grow a lot so they can get really big!They might even get as tall as an apartment building!Lot's of people think the biggest dinosaur is a Sauropod and they could be correct.The problem is,there is no proof it's the biggest dinosaur so nobody can be sure.Some people think the biggest dinosaur is the Ultrasaurus,no one knows! The point is,dinosaurs were huge so if I lived in their time I would back off!

I,m As Big As A Dinosaur!

Most people think of the word "big" when they think of dinosaurs but some dinosaurs were really small.Some people think the Lesothaurus is the smallest dinosaur.Others think the smallest is the Compsagnathus because it is 2 feet.But, most people think the Microrapter is the smallest because it is only 16 inches!That's really small!

Where Did All The Dinosaurs Go?

Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared long ago leaving lots and lots of mysteries to solve.Nobody really knows what happened to the dinosaurs.Most people think a huge meteorite hit Earth but others think dinosaurs just died out naturally.Lots of people think a meteorite hit Earth because a crater that is 240 kilometers wide,was found in the Gulf of Mexico.Some people think over millions of years the climate changed and dinosaurs couldn't evolve fast enough and they died.So, nobody knows how the dinosaurs died but there are lots of theories.
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The World Is Too Small For All Of These Dinosaurs!

There are millions of dinosaurs but we haven't found them all.I mean,we might never find all of the dinosaurs because there are so many of them!Paleontologists have found 500 to 700 dinosaurs so far.Some people might think 700 types of dinosaurs is a lot but it really isn't.There are thousands of types of birds. So, there really could be millions of dinosaurs we don't know of yet,but that's okay!

I Could Be Standing On Bones!

I live in New Jersey so I wanted to know if any dinosaur bones have been found there and ...

bones have been found there! A Hadrosaur was found in New Jersey in 1838.It was almost a full dinosaur skeleton! Also,some bone fragments were found by Bob O'Neal and Bob Denton. Paleontologists have not yet found what dinosaur they are from! A group of people in 1929 found a really big claw of a Dryptosaurus. So,many people have found dinosaur bones in New Jersey and might find more!