By James and Mara


Tennesseans forced all Native Americans away so they could have their own state. In 1968 at the National Civil Rights Museum, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed by a rifle.

Millions of years ago, Tennessee was a ocean. Many creatures were living then that we do not have in present day such as the saber toothed tiger and mammoths. Seashells have been found on dry land from the dried up oceans from long ago.

American Indians built dirt mounds. Some mounds were like a safe to hold the bones of dead and some supported temples and homes.

Entertainment / Recreation

Tennessee has such a huge passion for music that they built a music theme park. They also like watching plays and performances on television along with live performances especially from country singers and musicians. They like it and it is fun! Tennessee is also the home of the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley).
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Music theme park

This fine picture of Tennessee's music theme park is of a guitar which I thought would be important to add since they (Tennessee) love music so. Their theme park is called grand guitar.


Tennessee has lots of beautiful mountains not only for exploring, but also for offices and work. Tennessee has lots of waterfalls and caves. In Tennessee there are earthquakes which have created huge mountains. It's state bird is the mocking bird and their state flower is the Iris.

Fun Facts

Tennessee came from Tanasie which was an Indian word and this was also the name of the Cherokee village. William Strickland made the state capital Nashville. Nashville's nickname is Music City. Tennessee has 8 states bordering around it and it is the only state with 5 state songs!
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