Crompton Co's Spinning Mule


Spinning Mule: The world's best weaving tool!

Are all of you textile factories sick and tired or your yarn breaking off of your Spinning Jenny? Well you are in luck because Crompton Co's Spinning Jenny is guaranteed to not break while spinning wool. Plus, it can work over 1,000 spindles simultaneously to break apart and twist the cotton to produce yarn faster and in a short amount of time.

You don't believe me? Well listen to these happy customers!

"My yarn would constantly break off of my Spinning Jenny, It was really inconvenient and made weaving so much harder. But now that I'm using the Spinning Mule my yarn is coming out crisp and clean."

"My factory workers and I love the Spinning Mule! We are producing yarn much faster than we ever imagined!"

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You can purchase your very own Spinning Mule at any of our mills in Lancashire, England.

If you are looking to manufacture the best quality yarn buy yourself a Spinning Mule now!