Reina Lawson


I have been doing volleyball since i was 9 and i have been wanting to play since i was 8.When i first started i already knew what every thing looked like because my older sister plays so when i first try out volley ball at an acdemy i was pretty good.So i decided to play club on a club team i tried out and i made the top team.Now i play at Austin Juniors i play as a setter i can play libero, Also i can jump a height of about 16 inches.
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When i was little i would take a picture in my mind and try to draw it but it didn't go to well.So then i was thinking 'Okay you aren't that good so go on the internet and give it a go." So that is what i did i went on the internet and looked up how to draw ___________ step by step. There would be many options but i was just starting so i did easy stuff and as i got better and better to the point where i was on YouTube and i paused it and just started looking at the picture and drawing it and that is all i do know
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When i was little i always loved math so i would always listen and pay attention and i was to lazy to study so i didn't but that didn't really effect me or my grade so i said to my self "in the past i have never studied and that has not effected my grade so that means i wont ever need to study." Then i realized that will effect my grade and then my grade started going down so go to plan B study even after that i didn't study. Over time i started to do bad then i got better and this happened all in fifth so then i go to sixth grade and and i make math accel.
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