Mrs. Milton's Literacy Corner

Chapter 11

How Does Your Student Develop into a Writer?

Many factors contribute to your students ability to become a writer. They are influenced from a very early age by oral language and oral language experiences. It acts like a rehearsal for written language that provides a foundation for them to build their writing skills on. Cognitive abilities are also just as influential in their ability to become writers and dependent upon their cognitive level their writing ability is affected.
Your students writing will reflect their knowledge of spelling and sentence structure no matter what their purpose may be for writing. They will learn to write for a variety of audiences and over a variety of topics as they mature in age and ability. In school they will also learn the many purposes for writing such as informational, personal, or poetic such as stories and plays.

The Writing Process

Step 1: Prewriting- planning and organizing ideas to write about
Step 2: Drafting- the first attempt at writing a piece, needs to be completed independently
Step 3: Revising- the most important step of the process, it allows students to see their draft as readers instead of writers when they reexamine and reevaluate their initial draft to address the purpose, content, and audience NOT conventions
Step 4: Editing/Proofreading- the step that finishes up the piece by addressing conventions such as punctuation, appearance, and correctness
Step 5: Publishing- the final and permanent record of the writing piece

These steps are not always followed in order. In fact research has shown that the most effective writing is accomplished when writers move across and back and forth through the process rather than in a strict linear order.
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How Will I Support Your Student As A Developing Writer?

There are many supportive ways that I, as their teacher, will employ to help them develop as writers. Here are just a few of a long, long list!

~I will present good and thought out writing lessons that are reflective of state standards
~ I will use numerous techniques to support students at each step of the process
~ I will teach your student to use numerous graphic organizers and other pre-writing techniques
~ I will develop and maintain a comfortable and trusting environment for your student to develop their writing skills in

Questions That Your Student Will Learn to Answer When Writing

1. What do I write about?
2. Why am I doing this writing assignment?
3. Who is my audience?
4. How should I writ this?
5. What will I include in this writing?
6. How will this writing be developed?
7. How will this writing be assessed?