Standing on My Knees

Special Prayer Request * February 7, 2016

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...and then Forgiveness

Thank you for your many prayers for the 'Taking Your Pain' to the Cross ceremony on Friday night. We did face some challenges and opposition, yet five young men watched as their pains and worries literally went up in smoke, after writing them out giving them to the Lord at the cross. For some of the boys, they nervously watched the papers smolder and burn, double-checking to be sure that nothing was readable anymore. It was a heavy moment, yet there was visible relief as well.

Thanks for your specific prayers for the preparation. As soon as I arose that morning, the Lord led me to create an illustration showing them how things like anger, hatred, unforgiveness build a wall on our hearts and harden it. Yet, the promise of God is that He can transform those very things into something good. We then took the bricks, chosen one by one, turned them over to reveal what God could transform our difficulties into. The 'hopeless' brick turned to 'hope.' The 'addiction' brick transformed into 'freedom'. The 'anger' brick became 'peace'. These bricks then build a new foundation, a road, to the very heart of God.

..and now...

Monday night, February 8, we will have our last official meeting together. We will be ending talking about Forgiveness and releasing our offenders to the Lord. Again pray that the Lord will once again bring clarity and divine inspiration as I spend the day preparing my heart and the materials for this time.

Even as this formal group comes to a close, we pray to continue to developing relationships with these young men and possibly develop more materials for them in the future.

God is good in meeting these young men where they are at. We are entrusting the fruit of this day to them.

Many thanks,

Pic above: One of the young men choosing one of the negative emotions from the wall of the 'hardened' heart, preparing for it to be transformed, and building the 'road to God's heart'.

On a personal note...

Prayers for Upcoming Travel

In just 4 days, on Thursday, February 11, I will be flying to the States for two-months to attend my home church's missions fair, visit with supporters, share with others about the ministry and the needs, visit with family, and make decisions about some of the things I have there yet. Pray for me in this important time, in preparation for more and fruitful ministry in Ukraine and around the world.

Pray for:
* these last days of wrapping up here to be gone for 8 weeks
* solid housing plans to come together upon my arrival (and in all locations)
* meetings and events to get on the calendar
* international (Romania/Kiev) and domestic travel (Philadelphia/Michigan)
* the Trauma Healing Community of Practice (COP) that I will be attending in Mid-March
* refreshment in the Lord and with others
* physical rest in preparation for the travel
* additional ministry partners to join in this work (praying for 30 more partners!)
* Ukraine trauma healing plans to proceed
* clarity in bringing back to Ukraine all the resources I need (art supplies, books, 'homey' things), personally and for ministry.

Let's get together!!

I am excited to be coming in and sharing what God is developing in Ukraine (and in Romania!) with the Trauma Healing (TH) program, and how the Lord continues to open doors to minister to women of various ages with the International Women's Ministry (IWM). I would like to connect with as many people as possible while I'm in the area. Would you join me in praying about being a partner in this ministry. I couldn't be doing this without the prayers and support of so many.

My local number in the States will be 239-222-3616. My skype name is 'reneezydaizy'
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