Solar System Exploration

Travis Collins

Pre 1900

Percival Lowell

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Born March 13, 1855

Died November 12, 1916.


Percival Lowell is a American business who made fortune in business he studied maths, and space.He become a astronaut he though there were more plants beyond Neptune orbit so he put all his business money to his research and ended up finding plants x with cycle Tombaugh.

Main Discovery

DATES: 793 Arizona is a minro plant orbiting it self around the sun that's was his discovered in 1907. Powell Lowell. Powell predicted that there were more planets out beyond the orbit of Neptune initiated the search andnearly discoved the Planet Pluto but his friends Clyde Tombaugh on February 18 1830.

TECHNOLOGIES: on Percival Lowell discovery to find plant x they use DNA markers and technology markers to trace the the plants.

Contribution to knowledge

Percival lowell discovery, advence our search to find plants out of our solar system and to learn more about all the planets we know of now and to know all our plants in our solar system that orbit the sun.

Post 1900



Two voyagers were launched by NASA in 1977.


Voyager were sent out past pluto to deep space to see what was past our solar system and to study our planets when it was on its way to leaving our solar system.

One of the voyager crash on its way the other voyager has left our solar system searching for new plants out of our solar system.

Technologies Used

The voyagers used rocket pads to get past our orbit

It use's a big dish to send infomation to NASA

more boostes to make them go

computer to send infomation to NASA as well.


1The vayager has Discoved moons around in our solour system and infomation about the plantes

3It is on its way to Discover new plants out of out solar system.

Infomation on the Voyager

The Voyager is a American Program that launched on 1977 to take advantage of a favourable alignment of the plants during the late 1970s.