Semiconductors A Detailed Guide

Semiconductors have become a ubiquitous term in the domain of information technology. Ranging from microprocessor chips to transistors, semiconductors have become the key element of power portable consumer electronic devices. Semiconductors have become a key component of anything that computerizes or uses radio waves. Mostly semiconductor devices are made up of silicon. In addition, due the prevalent usage of silicon in the creation of se conductors, expressions as ‘silicon valley’ are used to referred to areas that uses semiconductors.

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Semiconductors: Basic

A semiconductor is an element, usually a solid chemical compound that partially conducts electricity making it a good medium to control electric current. The conductance of semiconductor varies depending on the voltage applied, among a few other factors such as intensity of irradiation by infrared (IR), visible light, ultraviolet (UV), or X rays.

Elements of semiconductors

  • Antimony

  • Arsenic

  • Boron

  • Carbon

  • Germanium

  • Selenium

  • Silicon

  • Sulphur

  • Tellurium

Among all above stated elements, silicon makes the essential component of most integrated circuits. A semiconductor based single integrated circuit can perform the work equivalent to a set of vacuum tubes that would require its own electric generating plant. Another name called system-on-a-chip has become the talk of the town with its comprehensive and innovative usability. Such semiconductors power portable consumer electronic devices to offer end user a wonderful entertaining experience.

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There are numerous fabless semiconductor companies worldwide; however, the buyer should always look for a credible semiconductor company. It will ensure the quality of the product. Make sure you read the testimonials posted on the website of the company before going with any name. There are providers that provide total product and technology solutions that allow customers to quickly introduce new portable consumer electronics to the mass market in a cost-efficient way.