Year 2 Newsletter

19th September 2014

What have we done this week?

  • Literacy: Instructions - the children made their own paper bog baby by following instructions on the Interactive Whiteboard. We looked at the main features of written instructions, including time connectives and bossy verbs.
  • Art: We designed and created clay bog babies
  • DT: We investigated and discussed parts of vehicles and their uses
  • Numeracy: Some children have been counting in twos, fives and tens and others looked at arrays to build the foundation for multiplication later on

Next week

  • Science: Investigating movement and gravity through experimentation
  • Literacy: Continuing with instructions, including writing their own
  • Numeracy: Ordering numbers
  • Geography: Map skills and investigating geographical features


Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day. We will send home bottles on a Friday for cleaning.

An unnamed pair of PE shorts went missing from D2KB after the first PE session. Please could you check to see if your child has picked these up by accident. Many thanks.

Please also check that all your child's clothing is named, including socks (on a PE day!) to help avoid piles of lost property. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Please check the Gateway for details of other upcoming events.

As mentioned during the Parent Information Evening, you are now able to contact us via email. Please continue to contact the office for urgent matters.

Other information given out during the Parent Information Evening:

* Mrs Clow will be taking D2KB every Thursday as this is Ms Bintcliffe's physiotherapy day

* For cultural reasons, some children now have permission to wear leggings (not tights) during PE

* Year 2 will receive violin lessons throughout the year starting from October half term. The school will purchase violins for the children to use, which will remain in school. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Ms Kilpatrick

Specialist Timetable

Monday Dutch

Tuesday PE

Computing D2KB

Wednesday Dutch

Thursday PE

Friday Music (1 hour)

Computing D2FM

Topics this year

Term 1:1 The Bog Baby and other magical creatures

Term 1:2 Celebrations

Term 2:1 Castles

Term 2:2 Castles

Term 3:1 Mini-worlds

Term 3:2 Mini-worlds