by: shania laurendeau


A wetland is a biome ( a large naturally occurring community or flora and fauna occupying a major habitat) known for being very wet with animals and plants that thrive in those conditions. They are typically in low lying areas in a watershed where freshwater collects, creating an area where there is a lot of water and saturated soil.

4 types

There are four different types of wetlands

*Swamps-often found near rivers and formed when rivers overflow

*Fens-this wetland has water that is below the soil

*Bogs-A wetland in which peat is formed

*Marshes-Can be identified by soil that is covered by shallow water all year long


Pollution is one of the many ways wetlands are being destroyed.

Another way is construction. since the world is getting more advanced more things are being built so more wetlands are being destroyed to make room for more building and roads.