Eli Whitney

Inventor of The Cotton Gin

Meet the Inventor

Name: Eli Whitney

Birthday: September 13, 1765

Hometown: Westborough, Massachusets

Famous Inventions: The cotton gin & interchangeable parts

Death: January 8, 1825

3 Facts About His Early Life

-As a child, he tinkered with his father's tools.

-He made a violin when he was 12

-He had a successful business during the Revolutionary War at age 14.

Four Facts About His Family


- His dad made and repaired furniture for a living

- His mom died when he was 11


-He married Henrietta Edwards in 1817 at the age of 51

-He had four kids, Eli Jr, Frances, Elizabeth, and Susan

Five Facts About His Adult Life

-He graduated from college when he was 28

-The patent for the cotton gin was granted in 1794

-He sued Edward Lyon for copying his invention.

-His workshop was burned down and his tools were lost.

-He also invented interchangeable parts

The Cotton Gin

Interchangeable Parts


This is all fake except for his address. The other stuff hadn't been invented yet. :(

By: Valerie G. and Mia B.