brother surel by keegan ford



Brother surel,father Pandosy and a small group of oblate missionaries where sent to find and create a new settlement in 1859 the group first settled in a small lake area ''know as duck lake today'' the group stayed in the lake area till winter and where forced to eat their horses do to the cold, when the winter passed father pandosy lead his group to a flat area with a lake running through it ten miles from duck lake the area they found was called l'ansu au sable. the group arrived in l'ansu au sable in 1860 and started building the town of kelowna. the town was built in 1892


brother surel and father pandosy where very important in helping build the town of kelowna they found the perfect area to build they built the first church and they brought more and more people to the valley

Role of the Okanagan fur brigade trail

The trail started in 1670 and started in fort Astoria and ended in fort McLeod the trail went right through the Okanagan valley the trail was mostly used by the aboriginal people but the trail was soon found by a north west company worker named David Stuart, he soon gave the trail over to the Hudson bay company and the trail was known as the HBC fur brigade trail but once the fur demand dwindled the trail was used by missionaries looking for new places to build settlements, it was used by farmers miners and ranchers looking to start over and find something new


Early history

Brother surel came with father pandosy as did a few others one of the people that came also were the casorso's one of the most famous family's today. the people who went with father pandosy were tasked with building a new settlement and took the long journey through the grand canyon and duck lake only to reach a large area of flat land called kelowna to this day the group started building the town of kelowna and were done in 1892

Reasons for settlement

Father Pandosy chose the Okanagan valley because it was all flat land they had a running river going right through the valley, it was surrounded by mountains so not much rain, warmer conditions, and they found it by accident when moving away from duck lake

Early accomplishments

there is no info on brother surels early accomplishments

accomplishments in the okanagan valley

built the first church, named the town, created the town

legacy today

The legacy of brother surel and father pandosy is that the first church they built is still standing and is a very good attraction to visitors and that the name of the town is still kelowna to this day


interesting facts

they built the first church in the valley and its still here, they helped create the name of the town


Driving question

The impact brother surel had on the growth and development of the okanagan valley was that he helped father pandosy find his way to the little valley and build a thriving society to this day he impacted the growth by inviting people to come join this little town and the more he did the bigger the town got