Get Hyper

How to care for this animal


  • You need to feed it every day with meet
  • It drinks coke and other fizzy drinks
  • Age is 200 years old
  • like getting hyper
  • like the get hyper song
  • size is 8.0 meters long
  • habitat in a expensive house.
  • health very great
  • What it likes to eat candy
  • What it likes to do get hyper

This his habitat!!!

Basic information.

Its a playful animal and its like the get hyper with ksi and they are in telltuby costume and his bro they do it every weekend and get hyper like staying up late always so make shore it does.
Droideka - Get Hyper

Detailed information

Get hyper is a lovable animal and he will give you any thing you want and his skin is so soft and he will do all for your chores only if you will get hyper with him also he will give him candy and fizzy drinks as well he will party with you when you say party machine and he will make you the most popular kid in the town.