December Tech-Tools

Joe Walker and Claysville Elementary

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Cyberbullying. Sexting. Social Networking. NetSmartz Workshop introduces you to these and other important Internet safety topics through tip sheets for children and their trusted adults. Use them to educate yourself and others in your community about the main online risks, to accompany NetSmartz Internet safety presentations, and to engage children in discussions about appropriate online behavior.

Other Resources for Parents about Internet Safety

Check out this great article from Kids Health about Internet Safety. This article contains internet safety laws, online protection tools, basic internet rules for children, and warning signs for parents.

This Internet Safety Tutorial contains topics on Cyber-bullying and Harassment, Online Predators, Using Social Networks Safely, Understanding File Sharing Networks, and Mobile Device Safety. online safety tips contains fun activities for teaching internet safety to young children in grades K-5.

Teacher Tech-Tools

Internet Safety Resources for Educators

Educating students about Internet Safety can be difficult, especially with constantly changing technologies, and classroom time constraints. Check out these free resources for educating students about Internet Safety through NetSmartz workshop.

Other resources for Educators when teaching Internet Safety

Common Sense Education contains great lesson plans and professional development about teaching internet safety to children.

Classroom tips about teaching internet safety can be found on "Stay Safe Online".

Check-out this great article from EduTopia about teaching digital citizenship in the elementary classroom!