Avid Fall Exam

Alexis Smith,1-11-16, 7th

Writing Skills

We have used writings skills in AVID when we do quick writes every now and then. We also used writing skills when we wrote our memoir. AVID has helped me in my writing skills and ways I never thought of before.


Organization has helped throughout this semester. I was able to find my homework when I needed to turn it in instead of looking through my binder for minutes to find one paper. Organization has helped me a lot this semester.

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Tutorials has helped a lot this semester. I was able to get the help that I needed on any question that I had. I have had many questions answered.



Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes has helped me throughout this semester with studying for tests and looking back on questions that I had from my homework. I was able to look back at my Cornell Notes and fully understand what I learned from that topic. I have realized that if you don't do your Cornell Notes right you probably wont understand the concept fully.


TRF has helpd me a lot in AVID. They help you see what you need help on and what you already know from that topic so far. As an AVID student I was able to see what I needed help on and why I was confused after TRF's.

Public Speaking

As an AVID student we have did multiple public speaking activities. Those activities have helped a lot my with my shyness. When I present we have someone video tape us so we can look back at how better we are at public speaking.

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For next semester I will grow by, looking back over my Cornell notes so I can obtain the information about that specific topic. I will participate more in class activities. I hope I will continue to grow throughout next semester as I did first semester.