AkLA Highlights

Featuring shockingly great weather in Ketchikan!

An AkLA smore report from Caitlin Jacobson, Ketchikan

2017 AkLA Conference

If you had a chance to read my ALA Smore reports, I explained that while award committee service is fabulous, you are in meetings during conference, and miss everything else going on. I felt a similar way during AkLA, as I was often running around helping people much of the time.

Take a look below, and you'll find bits and pieces of AkLA 2017.

Big6 with Colet Bartow

The link below will take you to the page Colet made for us. You'll find general information about Big6 and a variety of resources you can use.

ESSA Highlights

Jared Schua, School Library Consultant with our state library spoke about ESSA with the school library staff. The link below will take you to the ESSA resource page on the AkASL site.

Endnote with ALA past president Sari Feldman

Sari's presidential campaign was "Libraries Transform", and she spoke with us about the campaign, and about telling our library's story effectively.