Behavior Therapies

Behavior Therapy vs. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapies

The idea that we learn from the environment, and that impacts how we think and feel is the concept behind different types of behavior therapies. Contrary to Freud, the focus of behavior therapies is understanding the current environment and impact the environment has on the individual. Behavior Therapy (BT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) are similar in some ways, but also provide for some key differences. The intent here is to explore those differences and similarities.

Therapeutic Goals

Goal of Behavior Theapy

  • Increase personal choice and to create new conditions for leaning
  • Define specific treatment goals

Goal of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • teaching clients how to separate the evaluation of their behaviors from the evaluation of themselves
  • How to accept themselves in spite of their imperfections.
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy example
Behaviour Therapy