New Zealand:

By: Payton Smith

Country Profile:

Fast Fats:

Official Name- Nova Zeelandia

Capital- Wellington

Population- 4.471 million ( 2013 )

Languages- English and Maori

Religion- Christian

Government Facts

Head of Government-
Queen Elizabeth ll

Lawmaking Body- Parliament

National Symbols- The kiwi bird is the national bird, and the national flower is the Silver Fern flower.

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Geography Facts:

Tourist Hot Spots- The sky tower that is 1,076 feet high, and is located in Auckland. Another attraction is the Napier Art Deco, which is a building built in 1930 filled with art and culture.

Total Area- 103,363 miles

Climate- New Zealand is temperate with moderate rainfall.

Highest & Lowest Points- Mount cook is the highest pint, and the Tairi Planes are the lowest points.

Major Bodies of Water- Volcanic lake Taupo and glacial lake Te Anau

Landforms- Stewert Island which is famous for its' sunsets. Mount Cook is a mountain and is the highest point of New Zealand.

Economic Facts:

Currency- New Zealand has a dollar form currency.

Natural Resources- Gold and phosphate are the most popular natural resources.

Industry- New Zealand Is known for their great agriculture.

Exports- Many types of cheese, as well as goat and sheep meat are New Zealands major exports.

Imports- Crude petroleum, as well as cars are major imports to New Zealand.


Popular Foods- Some popular foods are roasted lamb, kiwi, and fish and chips.

Major holidays- Labor Day which is on October 26th, Anzac Day, which is when they honor their veterans.

Past Time Activities- In New Zealand, people enjoy playing Rugby, Rowing, and Golf.

Famous People- Lorde was born and raised there, Jay Ryan who is an actor, and Marton Csokas who is also an actor.

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