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9.7.15 - 9.11.15

Tech Updates!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a relaxing 3-day weekend! Here are your tech updates for this week:

1. The District iPad cart has started its rotation! Shout outs to CES Teachers Kara Ensor, Liz Freie, Breanne Gregory, Hannah Snyder, Natalie Rhodes, Darcy Hall, Lora Buckert, and Christie Branson for signing up to use the iPads with their kids! CIS, the cart is coming to you next, so check the Tech4Learning Google Classroom for the sign up sheet. Shout out to Sarah Daum for being the first to sign up there!

2. Our replacement keyboards have shipped and are estimated to arrive on Wednesday. I'll bring your replacement to you and collect your broken case.

3. Our Tech4Learning Cohorts meet this Friday! Check your shared Agendas & Minutes folder in your Google Drive for your cohort's agenda and needs.

4. If you haven't yet, please follow the instructions to fix AirServer that were sent out in last week's Tech4Learning Newsletter. If you deleted last week's Newsletter, don't worry! I posted links to the newsletters in the About section of your building's Google Classroom.

5. Teacher Tech Committee, just a reminder that we have a meeting this Monday from 3:30-4 in the CBMS Library! See you soon! :)

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone for how patient and positive you've been as we work out all the kinks with our new devices and software. We've had some bumps, and we're navigating them with a "we can do it" mindset, so high fives all around.

As always, let me know what I can do to support you in our technology adventures!

~Sarah :)

Tech Tip!

Download Adobe Flash

If you find that websites come up with blank sections or even entirely blank (Scholastic Reading Counts, I'm looking at you!), it's because your computer needs Adobe Flash. Install is quick and easy.

1. Go to

2. Click Install Now.

3. Wait for Initializing to finish.

4. Click Downloads Icon (next to Trash Can in dock).

5. Double Click Adobe Flash file.

6. Double Click Install Adobe Flash Player.

7. Click Open.

8. Wait for Installation to finish.

9. Click Finish.

10. Click "Safari" in Apple Menu Bar.

11. Click Quit Safari.

12. Reopen Safari.

Watch the steps above in action:

Install Adobe Flash

App of the Week!

Big image

Google Drive!

Google Drive is awesome. It can house all your files plus give you access to those files from any device, anywhere. It has in app creation tools for documents, presentations, surveys, spreadsheets, even Publisher type formatting. And because we have education accounts, we have unlimited storage!

Our theme this year is better collaboration, and Google Drive can help us do that. You can share any file with anyone so that they can view, comment, or edit that file. You don't even have to be in the same room to edit together! Drive now includes the ability to convert and edit Microsoft Office files. This past week, I had the opportunity to sit in on the 4th Grade Team Meeting and see their use of Google Drive. They have a shared folder for lesson plans and resources. During the meeting, they go over the lesson plans for the upcoming week and make any changes to the template in their shared Drive. If any worksheets or activities need to be made, one of the team members will do it and then upload it to the shared folder. That way, the whole team always has access to the most recent documents and ideas for their classroom. The team meeting was quick and efficient. Way to rock it, 4th Grade Team!

You can even download Drive to your MacBook in order to have easy access. To do so:

1. Go to

2. Press the Gear icon located right below your picture in the upper right corner.

3. Click Download Drive.

4. Click on your Download icon.

5. Double click on the Google Drive file.

6. When it opens, drag the Drive icon into the Applications icon.

7. Click the f4 key.

8. Search for Drive.

9. Click on the icon.

10. Click Open.

You can also add the Drive icon to your dock bar at the bottom of your MacBook screen for easy access. Plus, if you have no internet at home, you can still access any file that you choose to have offline when working with Google Drive in Chrome.

Tech Try of the Week!

SMART Notebook Add-Ons!

SMART Notebook 15 has added some great new features:

XC Collaboration - Students can text responses to your questions to your Notebook file. Responses can be manipulated on the screen. Awesome way to categorize responses or do a quick open ended question. Students can use any internet capable device.

Activity Builder - Creates an interactive object that will either accept or reject text that is dragged into it. Try and get your kids to figure out why certain answers are accepted and certain answers are rejected.

Lesson Recorder - Records your SMARTBoard actions as you teach. No sound is included, but it's a great way to create a quick show for instructions so that the SMARTBoard can be used as a station.

Geogebra - If you teach Math, you will love Geogebra. Insert interactive widgets that teach, practice, or reinforce math concepts.

Maestro - You need Maestro to control your SMART Notebook file using your iPad. Find instructions on how to download the Maestro add-on in the SMART Notebook Google Classroom. Join the Classroom using the code: yw9a7n3

Smart Blocks - Smart Blocks are interactive features that perform mathematical operations using numbers you provide.

You can access these new features by clicking on the puzzle piece icon in the tab menu on the left-hand side of any open Notebook file. Incorporate one of these great add-ons into your teaching this week!

Zoom In On...

SMART Notebook Gallery Tools

SMART Notebook 15 includes thousands of useful templates, interactive tools, backgrounds, and images in the Gallery Tools. In order to have access, you'll need to download the Gallery. Watch the video to find out how!
Adding Gallery Tools to SMART Notebook

Spotlight On...

Natalie Rhodes!

I had the opportunity to watch Natalie Rhodes in action, and she is a master of seamlessly integrating the SMARTBoard into her teaching. In the video, Natalie is teaching her 1st graders the concept of adding by using a ten frame. She starts by introducing the concept with a video from BrainPop Jr. What I love is that even though the video is only a few minutes long, Natalie stops it frequently to review and reinforce concepts. Next, she shows the learning goal of the day using the SMART Board and the screen shade tool. Finally, she models the concept using her worksheet imported into SMART Notebook. She also has a student model the process by coming to the board and using the SMART pens. Her first grade kiddos were right there with her the whole time. You'll even be able to hear some oohs and aahs and awesomes in the background. Nicely done, Natalie!

Ryan Kennedy!

Ryan has been using his iPad in his classroom for a long time, and I had the opportunity to watch him use the Notability app during literature analysis. Ryan imported a PDF of the poem to Notability and then was able to annotate the text using the app. He projected the iPad using AirServer so that the students could see his annotations in action. Next year, when the students have iPads, Ryan will be able to share the poem with the kids through Google Drive. They'll then be able to download it into Notability and have the same annotation capabilities as Ryan does in the video. Ryan hopes to pilot the app with his students this year using the iPad cart. High five, Ryan!
Notability in Action!

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Mizzou Ed Camp - Saturday, 9/12, 8-3, University of Missouri, Columbia

Making Schools a Game Worth Playing: Digital Games in the Classroom Webinar - Wednesday, 9/9, 4-5 pm

Google Tools - Wednesday, 10/14, 9-4, MORENet, Columbia

SMART Board Beginning - Thursday, 10/15, 9-4, MORENet, Columbia

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