West Indian Manatee

Scientific name: Trichechus manatus

What is a West Indian Manatee?

West Indian manatees are large aquatic mammals that are herbivores. They are also called Sea Cows because of their bulky, large appearance. They are found in thick, brackish water near Florida, the East Coast of the U.S, Caribbean islands, and Mexican coasts.In North Carolina, they are found in the Eastern Coastal Plains region.

Why are these animals endangered? What steps are being made to save them?

Manatees are endangered because a long time ago, they were hunted for their large bones, skin, and meat, but now they are endangered because of loss of warm habitat and boat collisions. There are many efforts being made to keep the manatees safe. One thing is that hunting these manatees is illegal, and if you are caught hunting one you can be fined greatly or arrested.


Love the west indian manatees! they are endangered!

Why are they important?

West Indian Manatees are important because they keep the ecosystem in balance. Without them, there would be tall grass all over the east coast because they wouldn't be taming it.